Honourable. Jeremy Harrison (L) Minister of Immigration Government of Saskatchewan with Hon. Consul General Ashwant Dwivedi . 

The Hotel and Hospitality Association in Saskatchewan Canada have entered into an agreement with the Solomon Islands’ Guadalcanal province to facilitate the entry of recent graduates to gain valuable work experience in Saskatchewan.

The Hotels and Hospitality Association (SHHA) will provide opportunities to the graduates of the Hospitality Program from Guadalcanal Province to come to Canada in a temporary capacity to gain valuable experience in the tourism and service industry.

This partnership has been made possible by Canadian International Training & Education Corp. (CITREC) which has been offering Canadian Tourism and Education training in partnership with the Province of Guadalcanal.

Jeremy Harrison Minister responsible for Tourism Saskatchewan said they support the Hotel and Hospitality Association and their members in recruiting employees for their growing industry.

He said the recent graduates from Guadalcanal will return to the Solomon Islands with experience in a tourism industry known all over the world for exceptional hospitality.



Good morning everyone and thank you very much for having me.

It’s my honour to be here today on behalf of Premier Brad Wall and the Government of Saskatchewan to welcome to our province:

The Honourable Rollen Seleso, Deputy Premier of the Province of Guadalcanal

and Honourable Anthony Veke, senior member of the Guadalcanal Provincial Assembly


I would also first like to say thanks to Ashwant Dwivedi, the Chairman of the Canadian International Training and Education Corporation and Honourary Consul General of the Solomon Islands to Canada, for your efforts in fostering important education partnerships between our two provinces. In 2012, the Guadalcanal Province first established a partnership with CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL TRAINING & EDUCATION CORP., and I am proud to see that extend into another partnership with the Saskatchewan Hotel and Hospitality Association.

An important Memorandum of Understanding was signed today – one that will facilitate temporary work placements for Solomon Islands graduates with member hotels of the Saskatchewan Hotel and Hospitality Association.

This partnership will provide these recent or impending graduates with international hospitality work experience, which will be important as they begin their hospitality careers back in the Solomon Islands.  These graduates will already hold Canadian tourism qualifications that will allow them to enter our labour market and meet our industry standards.  These work placements will also help meet the labour needs of Saskatchewan’s growing hospitality sector. While work placements will only take place for three months, we look forward to the knowledge and new ideas that these graduates will bring to our province.  And we hope that each graduate gains some valuable experience that they can use in their careers back in the Solomon Islands. I would like to again thank Ashwant Dwivedi and the Canadian International Training and Education Corporation for bringing Canadian education and certification programs to 23 countries around the world – your work is helping establish important partnerships like the one we are celebrating today.

I would also like to thank Jim Bence and the Saskatchewan Hotel and Hospitality Association for making this agreement and today’s event possible.

The Government of Saskatchewan is pleased to sign the Labour Mobility Agreement to begin facilitating these temporary work placements with Saskatchewan Hotel and Hospitality Association members. We look forward to working together with all the partners in this agreement, and hope this partnership paves the way for others like it in the future.

Thanks again to the Honourable Rollen Seleso and Honourable Anthony Veke for being here today. I look forward to welcoming and introducing you in the Saskatchewan Legislature this afternoon.

Thank you.