Honiara Flooding-PM Communications

THE Japanese government is providing relief assistance worth a million dollar to flood stricken areas of Honiara and parts of Guadalcanal.

Satoshi Nakajima, Ambassador  at the Embassy of Japan on Wednesday announced that the Japanese Government will assist in providing emergency relief supplies.

This was in response to the request made by the Solomon Islands Government for emergency assistance.

The Japanese Government on Tuesday approved a 13 million Japanese yen (approximately SBD$1 million) of emergency grant assistance to Solomon Islands through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

The relief assistance comprises of blankets, water purifiers and portable jerry cans to assist the relief efforts being carried out by the Government of Solomon Islands and other relief agencies.

As of Tuesday, the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe and the Foreign Minister of Japan Fumio Kishida had sent messages to Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo and Foreign Minister Clay Forau Soalaoi respectively.

The messages expressed their sincere condolences to the people and Government of Solomon Islands for the great loss and wishes for rapid recovery in the affected areas.

The Ambassador, Mr Nakajima also expressed his sincere heartfelt condolences and shared his deepest sympathy with the families and people of Solomon Islands who had been badly affected by the disaster.


Source:  http://www.mofa.go.jp/press/release/press22e_000008.html