Guadalcanal Government delegation members (L-R) Honourable Anthony Veke, Honourable Jeremy Harrison Minister of Immigration, Deputy Premier Guadalcanal Province Hon. Rollen Seleso; Conul General Ashwant Dwivedi and Guadalcanal Chief Education officer Mesac Suia.

Saskatchewan Hansard

The Speaker: — I recognize the Minister for Immigration

Hon. Mr. Harrison: — Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker. I’d ask that members join me in welcoming some very important guests in our west gallery who have come all the way from the province of Guadalcanal, the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific, most members pray know the site of a very important battle during the Second World War.

We have with us the Deputy Premier of Guadalcanal Province, the Hon. Rollen Seleso, who joins us as well, accompanied by the Hon. Anthony Veke, a senior member of the Legislative Assembly and a former premier of Guadalcanal as well. With them, Mr. Ashwant Dwivedi, the Chairman  of the Canadian International Training & Education Corporation, also the honorary consul general for the Solomon Islands across Canada.

Today, Mr. Speaker, we signed a very important MOU [memorandum of understanding], an agreement with the Saskatchewan Hotel and Hospitality Association, the Government of the Solomon Islands, the Guadalcanal province particularly, with respect to labour mobility. And we’re going to be having a member statement on that forthwith from the member from Saskatoon Greystone. But I would ask that all members join me in welcoming these gentlemen to Saskatchewan for their very first trip and that we hope to see them again. Welcome to the Legislative Assembly.

The Speaker: — I recognize the member for Regina Rosemont.

Mr. Wotherspoon: — Thank you, Mr. Speaker. It’s my pleasure to join with the minister opposite and welcome these leaders from the Solomon Islands and Guadalcanal to Saskatchewan to our Assembly. We wish them well with their meetings. And certainly we look forward to fully understanding the agreement, but we thank them for the partnership and hope that their exchange and time here is constructive and productive. We certainly provide a very warm welcome. Thank you.


The Speaker: — I recognize the member for Greystone

Mr. Norris: — Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, drawing on the minister’s introduction, I’m honoured to rise in the Assembly today to highlight a new and important partnership between the Saskatchewan Hotel and Hospitality Association, the Canadian International Training & Education Corp, and the Solomon Islands province of Guadalcanal.

This CITREC educational partnership will support the entry of recent tourism graduates from the Solomon Islands by allowing them to work and gain first-hand experience in our renowned hospitality sector right here in Saskatchewan. Mr. Speaker, the graduates will begin arriving in the spring of 2016, and they’ll begin their three-month work placements in hotels across the province, thereby helping to meet labour shortages our province is currently experiencing in this dynamic sector. CITREC offers same programs in 23 countries.

Mr. Speaker, I’d be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to mention the enduring heritage of the Solomon Islands. Consisting of a chain of several islands southeast of Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands bore witness to some of the fiercest fighting in the Pacific during the Second World War. That country and especially the province of Guadalcanal helped to serve and sacrifice for the high principle of our shared freedom. Indeed, Mr. Speaker, these islands were also home to the historic site of Lieutenant John F. Kennedy’s PT-109 shipwreck.

Mr. Speaker, I invite all members to join me in recognizing this beneficial new partnership and most especially the enduring strength of the people of Guadalcanal province. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.