Awaiting You !


For Canadian travellers who are in search of a paradise untouched and naturally beautiful with white sandy beaches and ocean waves that can add fun to your surfing trip you just found the place you have been searching for. With year-round temperatures of around 30 degrees Celsius and natural beauty, Solomon Islands welcomes you to discover somewhere different.

Lonely Planet has named Solomon Islands as one of the top ten countries to visit in 2013. According to Lonely Planet it names Solomon Islands as a world famous destination for diving. “The biodiversity beneath is astounding, with a colourful array of hard and soft corals and teeming fish life, along with a jaw-dropping collection of WWII planes and shipwrecks. Live-aboard boats and first-rate dive resorts provide access to sites far from the hordes”.

Come and experience a world unhurried and unspoiled in every way. With such a diverse range of activities there is something for everyone. We welcome you to discover somewhere different.

Explore the hidden paradise of the little South Pacific archipelago comprising of a vast group of 992 islands. There is so much to see and discover. From the diverse paradise of marine life to the wild interiors of local village treks.

Feel the spirit of adventure and sunbathe in rustic resorts and islands.

Enjoy your piece of paradise. Step back in time; the islands remained unhurried, undeveloped, untouched and unspoiled.

Experience the diversity of the South Pacific cultures in Solomon’s and at the same time dive, surf, fish, hike, kayak and discover somewhere different.

Remember Solomon Islands maybe worlds apart, but only hours away. Welkam and Lukim You.

For more details we welcome you to visit the official website of the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau and discover somewhere different.