Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (L) with Solomon Islands Hon.Consul General Ashwant Dwivedi at the Prime Minister’s office at the Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

Solomon Islands Honorary Consul General Ashwant Dwivedi with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

TWO Solomon Islanders from Guadalcanal Province created history when they were handed their employment permit for Canada on Thursday as part of government partnership with Canada.

 Amelia Muse and Careka Volly are the first two Solomon Islanders to have been granted the permit under the Canadian government’s Immigration nomination program.

They two touched down at the Vancouver International Airport and were escorted by Immigration and Customs officials to the primary processing centre where they were granted their work permits which are valid for 24 months.

During this period Muse and Volly will have to apply to have their Canadian permanent residency processed.

The nomination of the duo is the first ever for Solomon Islands.


Guadalcanal’s minister of Education Lazarus Rina congratulates Careka Volley as Ms Muse and Premier Veke look on. Photo: GP Communications

GUADALCANAL Premier Anthony Veke has CITREC,  Guadalcanal Province graduates to ensure that they uphold their employment commitment to the highest standards as GP prepares more of its graduates for Canadian jobs.

In a historic event for the Province and the Solomon Islands, both Amelia Muse and Careka Volly of Guadalcanal on Thursday received their immigration nomination documents for Canada that came with an employment confirmation and the opportunity for the duo to remain in Canada on permanent basis as residents, a process they will apply for when arriving in Canada under the immigrant nominee program.

“This package I am going to be providing you today is your future,” Mr Veke told the duo.

“With Jobs and Immigration soon you will be in Canada where you will earn and learn and live with your family,” he added.

“Soon you will call Canada your permanent home.

“Least you should forget the people of Guadalcanal and Solomon Islands. As your premier and on-behalf of Government of Guadalcanal I wish you the very best and may blessing of God and well wishes of people of Guadalcanal always shower upon you both.”

Premier Veke further added:

“I want you both to show your dedicated commitment to your employer.

“I want both of you to prove your skills, dedication and professionalism.

“I want you to make my government and people of Guadalcanal and overall Solomon Islands proud.

“Your are the face of our nation and province so don’t let us down.

“Uphold your employment commitment to the highest standards as you take this new challenge in Canada.

“Let me at this juncture also thank the Canadian officials for their continued support to my province.

“I know that Guadalcanal is setting the stepping stones for this opportunity for the Solomon Islands and I am proud that GP is willing and able to prove its success.”

Premier Veke further added that his government’s partnership with CITREC is providing unforeseen opportunity to the nation as a whole.

Mr Veke also confirmed that employers and Canadian officials are considering more graduates for nomination.

“We remain optimistic that this opportunity is history in making and we will continue to see more results of hiring from the Canadian employers,” Premier Veke said.

Both CITREC –Guadalcanal graduates Ms Muse and Mr Volly are on their way to Canada as food supervisors for an international fast-food restaurant chain.

This time their employment in Canada is not seasonal but for a complete 24-month period within which time frame they will apply to become Permanent Residence (PR) of Canada.

Both have been nominated under the Immigrant Nominee Program.

Both Mr Volly and Ms Muse have created history for the country, becoming the first Solomon Islanders to be nominated under the Immigrant nominee program.

Also approved to travel with Mr Volly is his spouse and two dependent children who will soon all call Canada their home.

In total 4 persons in Mr Volly’s family will be travelling to Canada while Ms Muse will be travelling as the only principal applicant.

Mr Volly’s children will soon be entitled to go to school in Canada while his spouse upon arrival into Canada will be eligible to seek a temporary work permit while their PR application for Canada is being finalised within Canada.

Canadian Immigration Officials made a decision on both the files of Mr. Volly and Ms. Muse on Friday last week

Both Mr Volly and Ms Muse are confirmed to be receiving a salary at rate of Canadian $14 an hour which in today’s conversion works around Solomon $86 an hour per worker.

They will be employed at an international fast food chain as Supervisors. Both were handed over their employment letters yesterday.



Solomon Islands Hon. Consul General and Head of Consular Post to Canada Ashwant  Dwivedi ©

As a strong Democracy in the South Pacific and positioned as one of the fastest and strongest growing economies Solomon Islands is the second largest Island within the Pacific Islands group.

Solomon Islands and Canada share strong diplomatic relations since 1978. The establishment of the Consulate General office in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada with jurisdiction across Canada in June of 2012 by the Solomon Islands Government will help further  growth  economic  and political relations between the two countries.

The primary goal of this website is to keep you informed, as best as possible, of the Consulate’s activities, such as events and visits by Solomon Islands figures, as well as to provide an update on news of particular interest to our visitors. This website will also provide you with a chance to explore business opportunities that Solomon Islands presents. We encourage Canadian businesses to explore opportunities to develop business and investment related partnership in the Solomon Islands.

For Solomon Islands businesses that wish to export to Canada a Canadian guideline for exports have been incorporated to the website. We encourage businesses to explore our Invest Solomons section of the website that will provide details of business and investment interest and opportunities.

Once again on-behalf of the Solomon Islands and as her  representative  to Canada it is my great pleasure to welcome you to our website and, help grow bilateral relations between every province and territory  that  I represent in Canada.

I welcome every Canadian to visit Solomon Islands and Discover Somewhere Different.

Ashwant K. Dwivedi

Solomon Islands Foreign Minister

Solomon Islands Foreign Minister Hon. Milner Tozaka (R) with Honorary Consul General Ashwant Dwivedi.

Foreign Affairs Minister Milner Tozaka has confirmed the Solomon Islands Government’s interest to engage in labour mobility and Trade opportunities with Canada.

A statement from the Foreign Affairs and External Trade quoted Minister Tozaka as saying plans are underway for Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare to make a historical visit to Canada and hold talks on a number of important bilateral issues including labour mobility arrangements, clean energy and also to seek export opportunities for the people of Solomon Islands.

Minister Tozaka expressed these commitments at a recent meeting in Honiara with the visiting Chair of the Canadian International Training and Education (CITREC) and Solomon Islands Honorary Consul General Ashwant Dwivedi.

Mr Tozaka said Canada is considered a strong partner and they strongly believe that there is an opportunity in Canada that the government can take advantage of not limited to labour mobility.

Meanwhile, Mr Dwivedi met Prime Minister Sogavare who welcomed the opportunity with Canada, saying as members of the commonwealth, both countries share strong partnerships and he further looks forward to his proposed visit to Canada.


Prime Minister of Solomon Islands Rt. Honourable Manesseh Sogavare (R) with Solomon Islands Hon. Consul General to Canada Ashwant Dwivedi .


Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare has been encouraged to ensure that Solomon Islands fully utilises the labour mobility opportunities provided with under its technical cooperation agreement with Canada.

The Solomon Islands Consular General in Canada Mr Ashwant Dwivedi uttered the encouragement when he called on the Prime Minister this morning .

The Consular General said Guadalcanal Province has signed an agreement with Canada through the Canadian Province of Saskatchewan, opening up opportunities for the Canadian Education Scholarship Awards for the people of Guadalcanal.

He said the short-term trainings provided under these scholarship awards are designed to prepare the recipients in the agriculture and the tourism and hospitality sectors in Canada.

On this note, he encouraged Prime Minister Sogavare to seriously consider taking a state visit to Canada to ensure Solomon Islands fully utilises the opportunities provided under the two countries existing technical cooperation agreement and look at other opportunities that the agreement can be expanded to.

In response, Prime Minister Sogavare said he was excited to learn of the opportunities provided to Solomon Islands by the Canadian Government and will ensure that Solomon Islands fully utilises them.

He told the Solomon Islands Consular General in Canada that he is looking forward to visiting Canada to further discuss current available opportunities as well as new areas of cooperation.



Honourable. Jeremy Harrison (L) Minister of Immigration Government of Saskatchewan with Hon. Consul General Ashwant Dwivedi . 

The Hotel and Hospitality Association in Saskatchewan Canada have entered into an agreement with the Solomon Islands’ Guadalcanal province to facilitate the entry of recent graduates to gain valuable work experience in Saskatchewan.

The Hotels and Hospitality Association (SHHA) will provide opportunities to the graduates of the Hospitality Program from Guadalcanal Province to come to Canada in a temporary capacity to gain valuable experience in the tourism and service industry.

This partnership has been made possible by Canadian International Training & Education Corp. (CITREC) which has been offering Canadian Tourism and Education training in partnership with the Province of Guadalcanal.

Jeremy Harrison Minister responsible for Tourism Saskatchewan said they support the Hotel and Hospitality Association and their members in recruiting employees for their growing industry.

He said the recent graduates from Guadalcanal will return to the Solomon Islands with experience in a tourism industry known all over the world for exceptional hospitality.



Good morning everyone and thank you very much for having me.

It’s my honour to be here today on behalf of Premier Brad Wall and the Government of Saskatchewan to welcome to our province:

The Honourable Rollen Seleso, Deputy Premier of the Province of Guadalcanal

and Honourable Anthony Veke, senior member of the Guadalcanal Provincial Assembly


I would also first like to say thanks to Ashwant Dwivedi, the Chairman of the Canadian International Training and Education Corporation and Honourary Consul General of the Solomon Islands to Canada, for your efforts in fostering important education partnerships between our two provinces. In 2012, the Guadalcanal Province first established a partnership with CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL TRAINING & EDUCATION CORP., and I am proud to see that extend into another partnership with the Saskatchewan Hotel and Hospitality Association.

An important Memorandum of Understanding was signed today – one that will facilitate temporary work placements for Solomon Islands graduates with member hotels of the Saskatchewan Hotel and Hospitality Association.

This partnership will provide these recent or impending graduates with international hospitality work experience, which will be important as they begin their hospitality careers back in the Solomon Islands.  These graduates will already hold Canadian tourism qualifications that will allow them to enter our labour market and meet our industry standards.  These work placements will also help meet the labour needs of Saskatchewan’s growing hospitality sector. While work placements will only take place for three months, we look forward to the knowledge and new ideas that these graduates will bring to our province.  And we hope that each graduate gains some valuable experience that they can use in their careers back in the Solomon Islands. I would like to again thank Ashwant Dwivedi and the Canadian International Training and Education Corporation for bringing Canadian education and certification programs to 23 countries around the world – your work is helping establish important partnerships like the one we are celebrating today.

I would also like to thank Jim Bence and the Saskatchewan Hotel and Hospitality Association for making this agreement and today’s event possible.

The Government of Saskatchewan is pleased to sign the Labour Mobility Agreement to begin facilitating these temporary work placements with Saskatchewan Hotel and Hospitality Association members. We look forward to working together with all the partners in this agreement, and hope this partnership paves the way for others like it in the future.

Thanks again to the Honourable Rollen Seleso and Honourable Anthony Veke for being here today. I look forward to welcoming and introducing you in the Saskatchewan Legislature this afternoon.

Thank you.


Guadalcanal Government delegation members (L-R) Honourable Anthony Veke, Honourable Jeremy Harrison Minister of Immigration, Deputy Premier Guadalcanal Province Hon. Rollen Seleso; Conul General Ashwant Dwivedi and Guadalcanal Chief Education officer Mesac Suia.

Saskatchewan Hansard

The Speaker: — I recognize the Minister for Immigration

Hon. Mr. Harrison: — Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker. I’d ask that members join me in welcoming some very important guests in our west gallery who have come all the way from the province of Guadalcanal, the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific, most members pray know the site of a very important battle during the Second World War.

We have with us the Deputy Premier of Guadalcanal Province, the Hon. Rollen Seleso, who joins us as well, accompanied by the Hon. Anthony Veke, a senior member of the Legislative Assembly and a former premier of Guadalcanal as well. With them, Mr. Ashwant Dwivedi, the Chairman  of the Canadian International Training & Education Corporation, also the honorary consul general for the Solomon Islands across Canada.

Today, Mr. Speaker, we signed a very important MOU [memorandum of understanding], an agreement with the Saskatchewan Hotel and Hospitality Association, the Government of the Solomon Islands, the Guadalcanal province particularly, with respect to labour mobility. And we’re going to be having a member statement on that forthwith from the member from Saskatoon Greystone. But I would ask that all members join me in welcoming these gentlemen to Saskatchewan for their very first trip and that we hope to see them again. Welcome to the Legislative Assembly.

The Speaker: — I recognize the member for Regina Rosemont.

Mr. Wotherspoon: — Thank you, Mr. Speaker. It’s my pleasure to join with the minister opposite and welcome these leaders from the Solomon Islands and Guadalcanal to Saskatchewan to our Assembly. We wish them well with their meetings. And certainly we look forward to fully understanding the agreement, but we thank them for the partnership and hope that their exchange and time here is constructive and productive. We certainly provide a very warm welcome. Thank you.


The Speaker: — I recognize the member for Greystone

Mr. Norris: — Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, drawing on the minister’s introduction, I’m honoured to rise in the Assembly today to highlight a new and important partnership between the Saskatchewan Hotel and Hospitality Association, the Canadian International Training & Education Corp, and the Solomon Islands province of Guadalcanal.

This CITREC educational partnership will support the entry of recent tourism graduates from the Solomon Islands by allowing them to work and gain first-hand experience in our renowned hospitality sector right here in Saskatchewan. Mr. Speaker, the graduates will begin arriving in the spring of 2016, and they’ll begin their three-month work placements in hotels across the province, thereby helping to meet labour shortages our province is currently experiencing in this dynamic sector. CITREC offers same programs in 23 countries.

Mr. Speaker, I’d be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to mention the enduring heritage of the Solomon Islands. Consisting of a chain of several islands southeast of Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands bore witness to some of the fiercest fighting in the Pacific during the Second World War. That country and especially the province of Guadalcanal helped to serve and sacrifice for the high principle of our shared freedom. Indeed, Mr. Speaker, these islands were also home to the historic site of Lieutenant John F. Kennedy’s PT-109 shipwreck.

Mr. Speaker, I invite all members to join me in recognizing this beneficial new partnership and most especially the enduring strength of the people of Guadalcanal province. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.



Guadalcanal Province Deputy Premier Honourable Rollen Seleso (R)  recently lead a three member delegation for a historic visit to Canada. During his stop over in the Province of British Columbia delegation members paid a courtesy call on BC Lieutenant Governor the Honourable Judith Guichon. During this visit which included former Guadalcanal Premier Anthony Veke the delegation presented LG Guichon with a traditional ” shell Necklace” made from shells fetched from the deep oceans of the the Solomon Islands.

Caption: L-R: Her Honour; Mr. Ashwant Dwivedi, Honorary Consul General, Solomon Islands; The Honourable Mr. Anthony Veke, Member of Provincial Assembly (Guadalcanal), Solomon Islands; The Honourable Rollen Seleso, Deputy Premier, Guadalcanal Province, Solomon Islands. PHOTO: Government House, British Columbia.

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Solomon Islands Hon.Consul General Ashwant Dwivedi inspects RCMP troops at the RCMP national training Depot in Regina, Saskatchewan.