Guadalcanal’s minister of Education Lazarus Rina congratulates Careka Volley as Ms Muse and Premier Veke look on. Photo: GP Communications

GUADALCANAL Premier Anthony Veke has CITREC,  Guadalcanal Province graduates to ensure that they uphold their employment commitment to the highest standards as GP prepares more of its graduates for Canadian jobs.

In a historic event for the Province and the Solomon Islands, both Amelia Muse and Careka Volly of Guadalcanal on Thursday received their immigration nomination documents for Canada that came with an employment confirmation and the opportunity for the duo to remain in Canada on permanent basis as residents, a process they will apply for when arriving in Canada under the immigrant nominee program.

“This package I am going to be providing you today is your future,” Mr Veke told the duo.

“With Jobs and Immigration soon you will be in Canada where you will earn and learn and live with your family,” he added.

“Soon you will call Canada your permanent home.

“Least you should forget the people of Guadalcanal and Solomon Islands. As your premier and on-behalf of Government of Guadalcanal I wish you the very best and may blessing of God and well wishes of people of Guadalcanal always shower upon you both.”

Premier Veke further added:

“I want you both to show your dedicated commitment to your employer.

“I want both of you to prove your skills, dedication and professionalism.

“I want you to make my government and people of Guadalcanal and overall Solomon Islands proud.

“Your are the face of our nation and province so don’t let us down.

“Uphold your employment commitment to the highest standards as you take this new challenge in Canada.

“Let me at this juncture also thank the Canadian officials for their continued support to my province.

“I know that Guadalcanal is setting the stepping stones for this opportunity for the Solomon Islands and I am proud that GP is willing and able to prove its success.”

Premier Veke further added that his government’s partnership with CITREC is providing unforeseen opportunity to the nation as a whole.

Mr Veke also confirmed that employers and Canadian officials are considering more graduates for nomination.

“We remain optimistic that this opportunity is history in making and we will continue to see more results of hiring from the Canadian employers,” Premier Veke said.

Both CITREC –Guadalcanal graduates Ms Muse and Mr Volly are on their way to Canada as food supervisors for an international fast-food restaurant chain.

This time their employment in Canada is not seasonal but for a complete 24-month period within which time frame they will apply to become Permanent Residence (PR) of Canada.

Both have been nominated under the Immigrant Nominee Program.

Both Mr Volly and Ms Muse have created history for the country, becoming the first Solomon Islanders to be nominated under the Immigrant nominee program.

Also approved to travel with Mr Volly is his spouse and two dependent children who will soon all call Canada their home.

In total 4 persons in Mr Volly’s family will be travelling to Canada while Ms Muse will be travelling as the only principal applicant.

Mr Volly’s children will soon be entitled to go to school in Canada while his spouse upon arrival into Canada will be eligible to seek a temporary work permit while their PR application for Canada is being finalised within Canada.

Canadian Immigration Officials made a decision on both the files of Mr. Volly and Ms. Muse on Friday last week

Both Mr Volly and Ms Muse are confirmed to be receiving a salary at rate of Canadian $14 an hour which in today’s conversion works around Solomon $86 an hour per worker.

They will be employed at an international fast food chain as Supervisors. Both were handed over their employment letters yesterday.